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Trendy Mom Fashion Site


So I adore trying to keep up with be a little fashionable as a mom. I try to go for the Cool Mom modern look although I have never been great with fashion. Also let’s face it-  I’m no where close to the size I was pre-baby and probably will never be. I accept that full-heartedly. So as I was lurking around for more trendy styles on the net, I came across this awesome fashion store online. It even has products and clothes for the plus size that are SO fashionable and super cute. I was just like “I NEED ALL OF THIS!” Of course that’s not realistic, and we’ve all been in those types of moments. So I wanted to share with all you other mommies this incredible fashion site. Please, I recommend you take a gander!

Fashion & clothing: Pinkorchards

Keeping Up With Ourselves

     We remember those “Before-the-baby” days. We left the house with immaculate makeup, hair done up with anti-frizz serum, hair spray, shine serum. Our outfits were beautifully matching, equipped with our accessories and handbag.  Yeah, but now we have babies and with all the feedings, diaper changes, burpings, spit up and house messes, we let ourselves go. Their needs come first, that’s absolute. We run around the house in our PJ’s trying to get everything done on our checklists for the day and then some more. Being in our Jammies all day isn’t a bad thing. I mean, who doesn’t love to be comfy?

     The issue is when we start to neglect our self hygiene. Putting off our showers, not brushing our teeth, forgetting to put on our deodorant. When I first had my little one, I felt so overwhelmed even I did some of that. Then I realized that to be at the top of my game for my little one and my partner, I needed to take the time to keep up with myself. I had to create a routine for myself and the little ones so that way, I’d feel better about myself physically and mentally, and i’d be in a good mind set for my family. We feel how we look. If we look at ourselves in the mirror after a rough day, we see an overwhelmed, tired, dirty version of us that makes us feel like crap if we don’t keep up. If we take a little time for ourselves sometimes early in the day, we feel ready to take on anything! So here is what I decided to do.

My partner wakes up at 8 a.m. Which means my little one hears the alarm from her room, pops her head up and waits to see one of us come out the door. I’d get up, brush my teeth quickly, brush my hair. 2 done. I’d change into something simple, a new shirt and pants for the day. 3 done. Then I’d get the little one out of her crib, feed us all some breakfast and say good bye to my partner. Knowing I wouldn’t see him (if at all) until about midnight that night, I’d sit down and write out my to-do list. Cleaning the rooms, pick up trash, do laundry, do all the dishes, wipe down the counters, vacuum. Of course I wouldn’t do it all at once. I’d break it up into sections throughout the day.

The little one is unpredictable and is the variable. You never know when they want to sit in your lap and be loved, play in their room, get hungry or throw a fit that needs to be attended too. So when my little one would take a nap, I’d take a 15 minute shower to clean myself (sometimes I’d just nap). I’d put on deodorant, brush my hair and teeth again, slap some powder on my face, eyeliner and mascara- The Basics. Then I’d feel great about my self and be ready for the rest of the day, no matter what it threw at me. I would try to repeat this self routine everyday or as many days throughout the week as I could.

I started to feel better about myself and about getting up in the morning, knowing I had so much to get done during the day. My little one saw I felt good, which made her feel good as well. I felt decently presentable for my partner when he’d get home in the late hours. Once after I had sprawled into bed for the night, he came home and gave me some love. He said “You look good darling.” That made my night and made me realize my routine had worked.

I recommend for all our moms out there to come up with a self routine. I understand some of you are ALOT busier than I am, since I am a stay at home mom, and I applaud those of you who work to take care of your family and still have time to get everything done for the day when you get home from work. You guys are all stars.