Making the Decision: Stay at Home Mom Vs. Working Mom


There’s always been the huge controversy of which was better: The Working Mom or The Stay At Home Mom. some argue staying at home with your children teaches them more skills and helps them develop on a more fast paced road. Others say being a working mom is better because of the financial stability you are able to achieve and give to your kids. Well, in the end it’s simple to choose: Which path personally allows you to follow your hopes and dreams?

Let’s also break down the facts. Members of the Board of Directors for the Family and Home Network say that research has shown that early relationships between moms and infants/toddlers is the foundation of personality development. Yet, many psychologists have seen no statistics to support that statement. Children who are in quality day care can recieve the same personality development as those who are taken care of by Stay at home moms. Although this is true, Psychologically children do NOT do well with large seperations of time from a parent. It causes anxiety and emotional issues.

As a working mother it is extremely at the forefront of your mind to take care of your children financially. You want to provide and give your children what they need to prosper. This is a healthy idea, but going too far can be harmful. Nobody wants to work 12 hours a day and miss out on their family life. Understand that some women work this much to be ready for unseen circumstances such as divorce, job loss or an emergency. In defense of women who work, most working moms want to be a parent and have a successful career and can often become depressed when stuck on “parenting capacity”.

Even so, every mother is different and never settle with the mom stereotypes between the working mom and the parenting mom. You can nurture and still work. You can also nuture and stay home. Whichever makes you happy and is best for your family, you go for it. I’m not judging. After all, I went for a business woman to a stay at home literally over night. I’ve seen the pros and cons of both and honestly, it’s up to the individual mom. So choose on mommy freedom fighters.


DIY Tie Dye Heart Crayons

As a parent, we know our kids have a bounty of crayons (that are usually laying all over the house).  When the crayons get to a stubble where are kids refuse to use them or even the colors that they won’t use because they aren’t “pretty enough”, I suggest doing this.

1. Take your crayons and chop them up into small pieces in a bowl. Mix up the colors good!

2. Fill them into a silicone mold until the are just to the rim. Do not overfill! (easy to get out and won’t stick to the mold!)

3. Put your oven to 230* for about 15 minutes until the wax melts.

4. Take them out of your oven and let them cool completely so they can set (usually about an hour). If you don’t allow them to cool all the way, you’ll have a huge mess on your hands!

5. Carefully take the crayons out and Wa-La! Perfect (whatever) shaped crayons! Enjoy!


This idea can be used for any time of the year! It’s also a great way to recycle your crayons to make sure you get a whole use of them. Your kids will be amazed by the different shapes you can make, they don’t have to just be hearts! You can do stars, and I’ve even seen molds of ponies! (great for those My little Pony lovers!)