How To Raise Happy Kids


Good-intentioned parents usually create happiness for their children by making pleasurable experiences. Jowever, what children really need is to learn how to create and sustain happiness on their own. Harvard Medical School in Boston has outlined 5 things kids need most to build life long happiness and elf esteem:

1. Connections–  Feeling ground gives children a sense of security. Kids need unconditional love from their parents and will benefit from having close ties to extended family members, being apart of school activities, and helping with household tasks. Let them help take care of pets!

2. Play– Make sure your kid’s free time isn’t all programmed and regimented. Open ended play, where kids create scenerios (play pretend) and solve problems by themselves help them discover talents and skills as well as use their own resources.

3. Practice– When children find out what they are good at, the want to do it again and again. Sometimes though you might have to do some gentle nudging in the right direction to ensure sticks to an activity and finishes to feel a sense of accomplishment.

4. Mastery–  With practice comes mastery. When kids learn a skill whtether it’s learning to tie shoes, dress themselves or play the piano, they are even more motivated to take on new challenges.  That will lead to a can-do attitude.

5. Recognition– Support and approval from parents, teachers, and peers from a job well done will reconnect kids to a wider world. When childen think what they do affects their family, classmates, or team, they are more likely to exhibit moral behavior and ultamately feel good about themselves.

Luckily one step leads to the next and the cycle is self perpetuated. As a parent, you can lay the ground work at an early age. Give your kids these 5 qualities and it will increase their chances of leading a happier, more satisfying life.


Breakfast Mini Pizza Recipe


These are amazing and the best thing? Kids love em. After all, pizza for breakfast? It’s unheard of! Or is it? This is extremely quick, super delicious and healthy!


  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • 2 tablespoons prepared marinara sauce
  • 1 whole-wheat English muffin, split and toasted
  • 2 tablespoons shredded Italian cheese blend
  • 2 slices pepperoni (optional)



  1. Preheat oven or toaster oven broiler.
  2. Coat a small nonstick skillet with cooking spray and heat over medium-high heat. Add egg and cook, stirring often, until set into soft curds, 1 to 2 minutes. Spread marinara sauce on English muffin halves. Top with the scrambled egg, cheese and pepperoni (if using). Broil until the cheese is melted, 1 to 3 minutes.

See? How easy was that? Not only is it fast, but it contains a 1/3 of a kids calcium, iron and magnesium for the day! I hope you enjoy this amazing yummy recipe!!!

My Decision to Become A Minimalist

Most of us grew up thinking that “rich” meant having alot of money, a ton of things in our homes, brand new cars, and all the luxury items. Everyone these days seems to idolize money, new things, buying the best brands out there. I mean, its the “American Dream”, right? I don’t want the American dream. I don’t want to work so hard just to rub it in other people’s faces. I don’t want my children to think money makes you happy and gets you places. Greed is the root of all evil.

After having a very serious talk with my partner, we decided to make the steps to become Minimalists. What is a minimalist? It’s only having what you need, and throwing out the excess; Living for quality instead of quantity. You declutter your home, save money for emergencies and live with the things you only need. Do you really need those 4 pairs of shoes that are all the same except in different colors? Will it help you be healthy, give you a good, quality life? No. Chuck em. My partner and I are starting to go through our things in our home. We’ve already donated so much to people from the things we didn’t need or made our lives better. We sold/donated/threw away  422 Items so far! We noticed already that the stress of having more is fading! You don’t have to keep up with all this stuff that you bought out of impulse!

Our next steps are to save money for serious emergencies, become healthier by eating right. You don’t need pop tarts, ravioli, frozen dinners when you can buy cheap onions, carrots, celery, tomatoes! There’s so much you can do with them! We are noticing a positive change in our lives and we couldn’t be happier. We have a long way to go, but so far, it’s the best thing we’ve done.


KidStarter Courses!

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So I came across this and I really support it. Kidstarter Courses is a fun hands-on way for children to learn mathematics, engineering, science, and a lot more at a very early age. Since kids at a young age are touch- sense oriented, this is a very good way to teach. Each activity course is centered around learning a specific subject. Incorporated into the course is a hands- on activity to help detail the learning experience. It seems very fun for kids and adults! I encourage you to check it out and support it too!

Check it out here: Kidstarter Courses


Being A New Mom


Growing up I always heard that being a mom was “the best” thing ever. I would always smile and agree, after all, you got to spend time with cute little chubby faces right? I always pictured the life of a mom; Getting up early to make everyone breakfast, putting the children in the cutest outfits, spending bonding time with the little ones all while keeping the house perfectly clean and tidy. I never understood why mothers would seem so stressed out when I saw them at the grocery store or out in town. Maybe they needed to lighten up a bit? Mothering couldn’t be that hard! Boy was I ever wrong about everything.

 I remember sharing the news with my partner that we were going to be parents. We had tried for a couple months after deciding we were ready. We both were so excited and I was down right terrified as well! This would’ve been my first time begin around an actually baby since my little brother was born. Being 21, you feel ready to take on the task! I was always getting the comment “Oh, hunny, you’re too young!” I would just laugh it off casually and change the subject, not wanting to say anything rude. Throughout the pregnancy, we prepared ourselves. We bought the diapers, the wipes, cute little outfits. Our families’ helped us find a beautiful crib and bedroom set for what was going to be our daughter. Everything seemed like it was going to be so easy with everything set up and waiting for baby to come.

When the time came and we finally brought that little one into the world, the moment was so surreal. Seeing that little chubby baby come into the world, unaware of what was happening, testing its’ new senses looking at the light, listening to the sounds. It was such a beautiful moment. After healing up in the hospital, it was time to take our new daughter home. It was hard getting into the swing of life with a new baby. Getting up every 2 hours to do a feeding, diaper changes, burping 24/7. Of course we took turns at night, even though my partner worked 12 hours a day while I stayed home. After a couple days you begin to become exhausted, hoping for some type of relief. People always warned about how when the baby was born, I’d never sleep again! I never realized how true this was! But when those 2 hours were up, I did what I needed to do for my daughter. I mean, she literally can’t do it on her own!

We started to notice through the weeks that passed, she was getting so constipated that she couldn’t poo for days. Constipation sucks in general for adults, but for a baby that’s never known pain before, they scream and cry. Oh did it break my heart! We called nurses hotlines and everything! We switched formulas over and over again, but still she cried in pain from not pooping. I was starting to get so freaked out that we finally took her to the doctor. We came to find that she was just lactose intolerant! It was reasonable common for babies to be like that when they are so small. We switched to a non dairy formula and oh the relief! My poor baby didn’t cry anymore. My partner and I both got sleep. It was great. We finally got into a rhythm with our lovable little one. We became aware that she had a personality at such a young age! It was astounding! Her coos sounded like sheep noises and it just cracked me up.

Months later we watched her learn to crawl and eventually stand and walk. We were so ecstatic to experience such a fundamental skill and of course she was too! Watching her play and learn to kick balls, eat with her hands, watch her dance to my little pony made all the stress worth it. Now I can understand and agree with all those moms before me, Being a mom is the best thing in the world! +