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How to Get a VoxBox Influenster update 2014 / 2015



Aye! SO I had ALOT of People ask me how to get a voxbox since I’ve been posting alot of product reviews from my Recent #modavoxbox by Influenster. I decided to Just write a blog about it, and go into as much detail as I can. SO, I really hope this helps. If It doesnt Im sorry, Just contact me personally, and I will guide you through it. Anyways First you want to become a Member Of Its FREE to Join!Remember, “The best things in life are free”.  The Only Catch is you would need to do product reviews, and post on social media sites, make a blog (sometimes). SO if this is something you are not comfortable with, . . . this isnt for you and you can just exit this blog and move on to something else. Due to the fact, you are required to write product reviews, post them on your walls of your social media sites, share with friends, and take atleast one mandotary survey!


So lets begin, After you sign up be sure to completely and I mean COMPLETELY fill out your profile! Add a profile pic, fill out your Bio, complete your “snaps” so you can unlock your badges. Snaps are basically Surveys that let influenster know what you like && what you are about, so they can match you to the perfect voxbox! Before any voxbox, they survey you to make sure that you recieve the right products. Example:  IF you have senstive skin, its good to take a survey on your skin type so Influenster sends you the lotion for YOUR specific skin type. Or maybe you might be allergic to something its good to let influenster know, and they are aware of what they will be sending you. SO make sure you fill out ALL the snaps till there is none left. They usually keep adding snaps weekly. This also shows how active you are with influenster. If you want to get a Voxbox THE BEST way to get one is being active.STAY ACTIVE.

Stay active. Always visit atleast 3-4 times a week. I always visit Daily to see if there are any new snaps to complete, so you can unlock more badges. Especially If I have a Voxbox in progress Im in there every day like Its Facebook. haha. When you finish your snaps, and completeing your profile you will then need to Link ALL your social media sites to Influenster. This will determine your “Influenster Impact Score”.

A Influenster Impact Score is a Rank or a Score that Influenster uses to show where you stand within the influenster community. This score shows how much you can potientally impact the people around you. Not only does influenster base your score off your social media friends (the # of friends you have on each social site) but they also base your score off how helpful you are in the community such as your reviews, questions and answering others. The more friends and followers you have the higher your impact score is…. Also along with your reviews, questions and answers within the community of course.. By doing this also helps you unlock badges. You unlock badges by doing these 3 major things. Heres a screenshot of what MY Influenster Impact score looks like:

Now, Lets talk about the actual voxbox once you recieve it!

When you receive your First voxbox it USUALLY is just only ONE item. So don’t be sad or freak out. Its a good thing! ATLEAST you even got one! Getting only ONE item is great! Think of it like Influenster is testing you to see if they can trust you with the bigger and better things coming your way in the future! My VERY First voxbox was aAveeno Tone Corrector! It was just one item and it was a full sized item also! I was so happy and excited I made sure I did all my tasks. I then received Caress travel-sized body wash! This month I recieved a HUGE box full of different things! Which was the#modavoxbox that I was talking about earlier.

So lets review: 

  1. Join Influenster!
  2. Complete Profile (Pic, Bio, Info.)
  3. Complete Snaps (Unlock Badges Immediately.)
  4.  Write Reviews
  5. Ask Questions
  6. Answer Questions
  7. STAY ACTIVE!!!!

I hope this helped! Take care & stay tuned for more free stuff!

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Trendy Mom Fashion Site


So I adore trying to keep up with be a little fashionable as a mom. I try to go for the Cool Mom modern look although I have never been great with fashion. Also let’s face it-  I’m no where close to the size I was pre-baby and probably will never be. I accept that full-heartedly. So as I was lurking around for more trendy styles on the net, I came across this awesome fashion store online. It even has products and clothes for the plus size that are SO fashionable and super cute. I was just like “I NEED ALL OF THIS!” Of course that’s not realistic, and we’ve all been in those types of moments. So I wanted to share with all you other mommies this incredible fashion site. Please, I recommend you take a gander!

Fashion & clothing: Pinkorchards

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