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    FabFitFun also sells Fruit Infuser water bottles, which have a perforated tube in which people can put fruit or herbs to infuse their water with new, refreshing flavors. It is a great, healthy alternative to plain water. (Some women also love infusing their wine with fruit to make a lower-calorie Sangria!)
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Trendy Mom Fashion Site


So I adore trying to keep up with be a little fashionable as a mom. I try to go for the Cool Mom modern look although I have never been great with fashion. Also let’s face it-  I’m no where close to the size I was pre-baby and probably will never be. I accept that full-heartedly. So as I was lurking around for more trendy styles on the net, I came across this awesome fashion store online. It even has products and clothes for the plus size that are SO fashionable and super cute. I was just like “I NEED ALL OF THIS!” Of course that’s not realistic, and we’ve all been in those types of moments. So I wanted to share with all you other mommies this incredible fashion site. Please, I recommend you take a gander!

Fashion & clothing: Pinkorchards