Money Making Tip #4-

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For mommies everywhere, is a life saver, especially for me. I have been using since my little one was 6 months old. It is a website where moms can sell their baby products, clothes, and such that they no longer use. All you do is create an account, request a shipping label, put old clothes (in good condition) in a box, ship it off and they take professional pictures of them and sell them for you. Of course they get a small cut, but you make a lot of decent money doing this! It’s a great way to turn old baby stuff around the house into cash!

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Money Making Tip 3- SlicethePie

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Slice the Pie is a great way to make money if you are a big music lover. They let you listen to upcoming artists songs and ask you to rate and write a 50 word review. Each rate & review earns from .08 cents to .20 cents. They also have a referral program where each person you refer, each time they review a song themselves, you get 10% of their earnings. They payout is at 10$ and they automatically pay out through Paypal every Tuesday and Friday! I’ve made about 30$ in 2 weeks. Not much, but hey, that’s money for something!

Slicethepie: Click Here

Money Making Tip 1- Boost Insider


Boost Insider is a platform for companies and bloggers to work with each other to get services done, specifically advertising. If you sign up as an Influencer, you can add your social media sites and companies will send you campaigns to advertise on your social media accounts. As a beginner you’ll usually get paid .08-.18 cents per click from the ad that you advertise for the company. Although, if you start to show a higher conversion rate and reach the goal amount, you will be promoted to a new insider level, giving you a chance to make more money per click. As you go through the insider levels, you will make more and more money and they pay through paypal. It’s a decent way to make some extra cash, especially if you have Tons of friends and followers on Facebook, Tumblr, your wordpress and Twitter. If interested click here: Boost Insider