Carter’s 5 Piece Diaper Bag Set: Mommy Must Haves

FireShot Capture - _ Carter's 5 in One Tot_ -

After I had my 1 month old, I found it increasingly harder to tote around everything I needed for my 1 year old and my newest little one. My regular diaper bag was large, but packing 2 babies things got so disorganized and chaotic. I would mash everything in there as tight as I could get it. At the end of the day, Everything would be everywhere at the bottom of the bag: bottles spilled out, diapers all crunched up, toys in smushed around against things. It was a nightmare! Luckily a mom friend showed me this set of diaper bags. I had to get it.

I realized that I had bought a savior bag! With all the pockets I was able to keep everything I needed for my daughter organized. No leaking bottles, no crunched up diapers, no smushed toys. There was so much room to put every thing! When I needed to be out longer than a couple hours around town, I would use the littlest bag to bring alll the bottles and burp cloths and the larger one for spare clothes in case of accidents, toys, snacks and more. I would recommend this set to any mother who finds her diaper bag as another world in its own- a messy one at that! It will de-stress your day by just enough!

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Money Making Tip 3- SlicethePie

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